About Us

Bahulu Warisan (Singapore) was established on the 24th of May 2006 by Madam Zainab Baharum as a family franchise of Bahulu Warisan (Malaysia). It started off very well with a concessionaire at IMM.

Bahulu is a bite-size snack (or the French call it Madeleine) loved by people of all ages. It arouses the senses especially when it is freshly baked  to perfection, out of an environmentally friendly gas oven that Madam Zainab uses. This preserves much of the traditional flavour and taste of her family’s well-guarded recipe which has been passed on from generation to generation.

Madam Zainab’s Aromatic Crisp Delectable Bahulu quickly became a hit which converted all who tasted it into loyal “followers”. Needless to say, through the word of mouth, stories of her wonderful Bahulu spread throughout the West side of Singapore until it came to a point, where the only way to cope with the demand, was to open another outlet. This led to the opening of the Boon Lay branch. The outlet enjoyed the same kind of success and it was apparent that she had to open even more outlets. Thus the set up of three other outlets in Bendemeer, Lengkok Bahru and Simei. All these successes were due to Madam Zainab’s uncompromising stance towards quality control which ensures that every Bahulu that comes out from her oven stays true to the traditional flavour and taste that have brought Bahulu Warisan to where it is today.

In July 2007, Madam Zainab set up Warisan Recipe. Warisan Recipe’s focus was to expand in its product range to include traditional cakes and snacks sourced from the best manufacturers. Madam Zainab applied her uncompromising standard towards this business which has won the trust of many corporate clients. They would place orders with her regularly through her Simei and Lengkok Bahru outlets.

This is just the beginning of what this dynamic lady is capable of doing. Madam Zainab’s Warisan Group will strive to bring in the best traditional malay confectionery to be enjoyed by every discerning customer who has a palate for the finer things in life.


Warisan Group tagline – A Tradition of Excellent Taste