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Original Bahulu

The first bite into our bahulus, the “crispy” exterior and soft, “spongey” interior and its sweet fragrance are bound to tickle your sense of smell and taste

Pandan Bahulu

it has the fragrance of pandan cakes, crispy on the outside like every bahulu is, and soft on the inside. You bite into the bahulu to taste pandan cake. Life is good!

Chocolate Rice Bahulu

for those who likes chocolate but would like it mild would definitely love this flavour. The taste of chocolate is less overpowering but still noticeable

Gula Melaka Bahulu

Bahulu is a sweet snack on its own, and adding Gula Melaka, a form of sugar when added on gives one the impression that it will end up being too sweet for enjoyment.

Raisin Bahulu

It is so hard to go wrong with this flavour of bahulu. By adding raisins to the bahulu, it feels like an English snack

Chocolate Chip Bahulu

One would never expect the little extra chocolate chips could make such a huge different to the snack itself. The taste of chocolate is so strong, coupled with the original sweet taste of the snack itself

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