Bahulu Flavours of Warisan:

Original –

The enduring taste of bahulu would just brings us back to our childhood days.  Our Grandmothers use to make with a manual copper spring beater.  Yes, using pure human power.  Baked in a charcoal “oven” that requires every ounce of patience. Well, those were the days. 

Still, freshly baked bahulu always have this sweet fragrance of the mix that will tempt any passer-by.

Original bahulus’ have always been a favourite across generations and it goes very well with almost any kind of beverage or spread.And as it is, the original taste with a crispy exterior and a “spongee” texture will indefinitely melt away into our taste buds. By the time you realize, a bag full will remains as crumbs.

Raisin –

The sweet tangy taste of raisins has always been associated with cakes and muffins. It gives the plain flavoured pastries an added sweetness that is unlike sugar.  For your information, Raisins are a source of iron and potassium.

As an added ingredient to a bahulu, it immediately transforms a traditional snack into an English style cup cake feel.  The beverage that associates well with this would be English Tea or Earl Grey on an afternoon setting with friends and family.  Undeniably, even when the feel is very English but the traditional taste of bahulu remains and the raisins just adds on to make one’s appetite craves for more.

Cheese –

Cheese is a dairy product which have a uniquely salty and milky in taste. The combination of cheese and bahulu is hard to imagine however its easy to enjoy. Bahulu’s a typically sweet snack but its fusion with cheese gives a whole new taste experience. It tastes just like your normal bahulu that is sweet and fragrant. The moment you bite into the cheese bits, it tastes just like cheesesticks. The two distinct tastes very quickly blends together to make you want to reach for the next one immediately!

Pandan -

Pandan flavoured food products have been known by all to have the unique fragrant of the leaf that enhance the aroma & flavor of the food.  Similarly with our bahulu, a whiff of the pandan aroma is good enough to set you drooling even before the first bite.  Its almost similar to having a bite on a traditional pandan sponge cake.  However, the added crispy shell of our bahulu will further make the whole mouth watering experience to be even more delightful.

Chocolate chip –

Chococlate chip has always been associated with cookies.  The combination has always been received well.  After the first bite, chocolate chip will have a bursting chocolate flavor going through your mouth.  Similarly, with our Chocolate chip bahulus.  It adds a little touch of modern taste to this traditional snack. One would never expect the little extra chocolate chips could make such a huge difference to this traditional snack. The taste of chocolate is so strong, coupled with the original sweet taste of the snack itself, it will definitely be a hit for chocolate lovers and children.

Strawberry –

The aroma of strawberry from this flavor would have already get to your appetite even before you bite on to this delicious snack. This flavour of bahulu is may be shaped slightly different but there is definitely no difference in the quality and freshness. The fragrance and taste of strawberry balances out the sweetness of the bahulus making it taste like a strawberry made of sponge.

Gula Melaka –

Gula Melaka, also known as Palm Sugar, more commonly used for Sago pudding and Cendol beverage.

Bahulu is a sweet snack on its own, and by adding Gula Melaka will only gives one the impression that it will end up being too sweet for enjoyment. However, that is not the case for this snack. The inclusion of Gula Melaka added a different dimension of sweetness & texture to the bahulus. The refreshing sweetness of the Gula Melaka gives the bahulus a very distinct taste, it allows one to eat the bahulus continuously without being bored of it.

Choc rice –

For those who likes chocolate but would like it mild would definitely love this flavour. The taste of chocolate is less overpowering but still noticeable. When you bite into it, the fragrance of the bahulu would be prominent but as you chew, you can feel the taste of the chocolate rice mixing very smoothly with the taste of the bahulu to give it a pleasant finish.

Mango –

Mangoes have been cultivated in South Asia for thousands of years.  They are widely used in cuisine, typically in Thai &Indian delicacies as a major ingredient.  Mango is associated with sweetness that is very appealing.

A mixture of mango and bahulu batter produces an aromatic flavored bahulu that is both scrumptious and sweet that one piece will never be enough for anyone.  The aroma invites everyone to pick-up a piece and snack on it.  Life is so sweet!   

Durian –

Durian, King of Fruits as they say. Its aroma is suited for the brave and the whole taste bud experience will be very asian.  As most Caucasians would caution others from having that maiden bite as its for the adventurous.  Still millions of people in the world love it.

Our flavoured bahulu may be deem as an acquired taste for some but really, it is NOT that strong until the taste is repulsive. Thus, for durian lovers and non-durian lovers alike, this flavored bahulus will still be a delight to snack on. Once tasted, you’ll go for seconds.